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Turquoise/ PyriteAdjustable Ring (Size 7-8.5)
Turquoise/ PyriteAdjustable Ring (Size 7-8.5)

Turquoise/ PyriteAdjustable Ring (Size 7-8.5)

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Cosmic Twin Adjustable Double stone rings feature two hand selected minerals, set in copper.

Rings are adjustable larger and smaller, the size listed is the base size, and the ring may be easily resized smaller or larger by pushing the stones together, or pulling them apart.




This ring features the following stones



-Provides tranquility and peace

-Aids in emotional balance

-Promotes sophisticated communication 

Refresh your energies with the calming stone of Turquoise. By clearing your mental anguish and allowing tranquility to come into your emotional body, you will experience deep peace from being in contact with this stone. When the mind is calm, you are collected, allowing you to clearly and eloquently express your thoughts to others resulting in admirable communication skills.



-Attracts wealth and abundance

-Enhances creativity

-Supports personal strength, cultivates motivation

-Attracts and grounds high-frequency energy

Known widely as Fools Gold, Pyrite is no fool. Use this stone to help bring abundance of wealth, friends, and love into your life. Wearing Pyrite also aids in attracting high frequency energy, which will help align your priorities and allow you to move forward on project you may have been putting off.