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Rainbow Fluorite Copper Necklace
Rainbow Fluorite Copper Necklace

Rainbow Fluorite Copper Necklace

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You are Royal, and will be treated as such. Our newest collection is inspired by pieces that make the wearer feel as though they are the ruler of the land. Extravagant statements of confidence and love for oneself.

Size: Adjustable up to 20"

Our model's neck is 14.5"


This talisman of Royalty features the following stones.


-Protects from emotional manipulation

-Reduces mental chaos to promote organization

-Aids in breaking habits and old patterns

-Increases awareness and intuition 

Rainbow fluorite is a stone that may help you control metal chaos, clearing out negativity from outside sources, and restructuring patterns that no longer serve your best interest. This stone has the ability to allow you to see the world more clearly, in turn increasing your awareness of the spiritual and physical realms around you.



-Brings purity and innocence

-Aids in clearing the mind 

-Enhances personal integrity 

The timeless class of pearl can bring the wearer a clear mind. When the mind is clear we can begin to receive knowledge. Being clear of mental clutter, one’s personal confidence may improve when wearing this precious talisman.