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Lapis/ Opal Copper Necklace Choker
Lapis/ Opal Copper Necklace Choker

Lapis/ Opal Copper Necklace Choker

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You are Royal, and will be treated as such. Our newest collection is inspired by pieces that make the wearer feel as though they are the ruler of the land. Extravagant statements of confidence and love for oneself.

Size: Adjustable up to 19"

Our model's neck is 14.5" 


This talisman of Royalty features the following stones.


-Encourages self awareness

-Allows for self expression

-Aids in speaking one’s truth

-Stimulates creativity

Treasured for its brilliant color, Lapis Lazuli may also help you to find your true self and express this version of your being to the fullest extent. If you are on a soul searching mission or have lost a sense of who you are, this stone can help you express yourself in the most raw and creative ways possible. Use this stone to help find your own motivation for life.


-Encourages independence
-Helps to release anger
-Allows expression of the true self
-Stimulates creativity

Opal is more than just a flashy stone, this precious gem can help you become your true self by inspiring independence and showing you the true power of your personality. Opals also help to release anger which can aid you in healing grudges, allowing you to better focus your energy on creative of business minded projects. Opals are the October birth stone, but can be worn by all who feel their call.