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Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken
Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken
Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken
Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken
Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken
Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken

Icicle Wonderful Life Earrings - Awaken

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ɪᴛ ɪꜱ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴡᴀᴋᴇɴ

Awaken your future, emerge from the repetition of ways that no longer serve you.

Open your eyes to a day with endless possibilities, from this day forward.


Five vibrant gems stacked in the line. Burst of colors that will compliment all skin tones and hair colors. This showstopper and conversation starter offers powerful protection and healing to it's wearer.


All Cosmic Twins talismans are made with electroformed copper.

Earring hooks are Stirling Silver. 


Awaken your future with the activated crystals in this talisman.


-Heals Heartbreak

-Promotes Self Confidence

-Attracts Inspiration

Soothing qualities of Pink Tourmaline are often said to aid in healing a broken heart. This stone may help to find confidence in yourself, and bring you inspiration to begin a better life. This gentle stone will diminish fear and allow you to live with your best interest at heart.


-Bring abundance and wealth to business

-Aids in generosity

-Strengths personal relationships

This bright and sunshiny stone has been valued for ages by merchants to help bring success to their business. Not only does Citrine help in attracting wealth, it also aids to maintain this state of abundance. You may also experience an increased ability to share generosity with those close to you, in turn strengthening your personal relationships through kindness. 


-Promotes happiness

-Clears toxic emotions

-Opens the heart to receive love

-Attracts abundance

Born from the fire of volcanoes, Peridot is a stone intensely charged with radiant energy. This stone helps to clear the emotional body of toxicity and prepares the wearer to receive love of the universe, resulting in an unparalleled happiness.


-Clears confusion

-Stimulates a thirst for knowledge 

-Develops intuition 

-Aids in public speaking

Radiant Blue Apatite will make you question the wonders of the planet. Being lead into the universe by the stone, all confusion of your daily life are left behind to allow you to receive messages from the spiritual realms. Since these messages are meant to be shared, blue apatite also aids in clearly communicating your thoughts and ideas in group settings.  


-Releases anxiety

-Develops intuition and spiritual communication

-Promotes relaxation

-Assists in decision making

One of our most popular stones, for good reason. Amethyst is the most powerful stone to help you reduce daily anxiety and help you slow down and relax. By creating a calm mental state, you will now be able to use your thoughts for good decision making. By clearing the mental chaos of daily life, you will become more intuitive and sensitive to those around you.

See our FAQ for information on the healing properties of copper, how to care for your jewelry, and our return policy.

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