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Garnet/ Clear Quartz Spiral Ring (Size 6)
Garnet/ Clear Quartz Spiral Ring (Size 6)

Garnet/ Clear Quartz Spiral Ring (Size 6)

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Cosmic Twins Spiral Rings feature two hand selected gem stones, set in genuine copper. All talismans are hand crafted with the intention of changing your future for the life you deserve. 




This ring features the following stones



-Increases commitment

-Cultivates love

-Simulates understanding and trust

A warm loving stone, Garnet is known to bring honesty, trust, and devotion to relationships. This juicy stone increases loyalty and helps to cultivate sincere love. As a stone of devotion to others, it will help you act more from a place of unconditional love, rather than expectation of others.


-Clears negative energies

-Attunes you to higher self

-Provides clarity of thought

One of the most powerful stones, clear quartz helps to clear negative energies, while also amplifying the properties of other stones. Ideal for clearing mental spaces of clutter and gaining a better understanding of your own needs.