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Amazonite/ Citrine Adjustable Ring (Size 7-8.5)
Amazonite/ Citrine Adjustable Ring (Size 7-8.5)

Amazonite/ Citrine Adjustable Ring (Size 7-8.5)

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Cosmic Twin Adjustable Double stone rings feature two hand selected minerals, set in copper.

Rings are adjustable larger and smaller, the size listed is the base size, and the ring may be easily resized smaller or larger by pushing the stones together, or pulling them apart.




This ring features the following stones



-Stone of courage and truth

-Aids in setting boundaries

-Allows release of judgment of others

The soothing stone of Amazonite will allow the wearer to seek their inner truth. In finding one’s own truth, the discovery of courage may be uncovered. When knowing your strengths and edges, you will be able to effectively set healthy boundaries for yourself and those around you. Wearing Amazonite will leave you walking tall, knowing you are not defined by the scrutiny of others.


-Bring abundance and wealth to business

-Aids in generosity

-Strengths personal relationships

This bright and sunshiny stone has been valued for ages by merchants to help bring success to their business. Not only does Citrine help in attracting wealth, it also aids to maintain this state of abundance. You may also experience an increased ability to share generosity with those close to you, in turn strengthening your personal relationships through kindness.