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Q: What is Cosmic Twins?

A: We travel and create to bring you the naturally beautiful treasures this Earth has to offer. By spending time on the road and outdoors, we are able to provide you inspired works of art that bring adventure home.

Cosmic Twin talismans are created to invoke feelings within  you of being about lush green forests, pristine desert skies, and crisp mountain terrain. Made from sustainably foraged materials and hand selected stones, each talisman is carefully crafted with a loving heart. 



Q: What are the benefit of wearing copper?

A: Wearing copper on your body can be a helpful indicator to know when your PH is too acidic. Your skin will  develop green markings if you are alkaline deficient. Wearing a Cosmic Twins copper talisman can help you supplement essential minerals needed to attain an ideal PH level in your body.  After minerals have been sufficiently absorbed from the talisman, it will cease to develop green markings on your skin.



Q: Do the stones have powers? 

A: Yes. Soak in the metaphysical benefits of our array of hand selected healing crystals. Cosmic Twin talismans are made with thoughtful stone combinations to help you activate your highest potential and spiritual healing. Wearing Cosmic Twin talismans may evoke feelings of well being, happiness, flow state, and more. Effects of healing crystals vary for each individual, healing properties may be diminished by more serious existing energy blockages in some people.



Q: How do I care for the stones?

A: Before using any stones on your talismans, we attend to the matter that all stones are carefully cleansed, programed with the intention of exploration and adventure, then charged by lunar energy of the waxing and full moon. To maintain the benefits of your stones, we recommend leaving your talisman on window sills during the full moon to cleanse and recharge. Other cleansing options include smudging with white sage or Palo Santo. You may choose to reprogram your stone after each cleansing.



Q: Will the copper tarnish? How do I clean a piece?

A: The mineral of copper is very alive and subject to oxidation. Over time your piece may change colors, but can easily be restored to a brilliant shine. Simply soak your piece in a white vinegar bath for 5 to 10 minutes, and gently clean with an old tooth brush.



Q: How long does it take to make a piece?

A: From start to finish, each Cosmic Twin talisman is hand crafted by Katya and Katt. Each piece can take a week or longer to complete. From collecting wild materials, deconstructing  cactus wood and pinecones, tumbling stones, copper plating, and finishing these pieces are high quality creations that do not cut corners during production. For that reason we stand by the prices of our work, as is is not a quick or simple process to bring you these impeccable works of natural art.



Q: What is the return policy?

A: If you are not happy with a piece, we will be happy to accept returns for store credit. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.