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Downtown Los Angeles at an ordinary art show, we were introduced to each other by way of a mutual acquaintance. The instant recognition of a true cosmic alignment was clear, we had to be friends, immediately. 


Before we met, Katya Gogol of Moscow, was a jeweler for her company Petra Lis; and Katt Deschene was a product developer and mineral vendor from Southern California.


We had the same interests, same hair, same age, and almost the same name. To ignore such a string of synchronicity was impossible. Within a few months we worked our first event together, and had learned a profound trust and appreciation for each other.


Four months after meeting each other for the first time we formed Cosmic Twins LLC. This was the birth of a commitment to each other, to learn how to communicate with each other, respect each other’s ideas, and work together for the greater good of Cosmic Twins.