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Early Bird and Night Owl

Early bird and Night owl.
We live on very different schedules. Katt appreciates circadian cycle, can get up and go, handle everything during the day time so she can have easy and relaxing evening. Meanwhile Katya needs to wake up late and her mornings to be slow and leisurely, day time dedicated collecting experiences with peaks of productivity landing on 6pm-midnight.

When we're setting/travelling/having full days of work, we will compromise our personal schedules, so we can be productive together. But we are mindful of each other rhythms and can cut each other some slack in the morning and evening.

This helps us to handle even more work tasks, because Cosmic Twins are basicly engaged and active from 7am till midnight.

Knowing your cycles helps you to build your day in the most effective for you way.

Who are you, an Early Bird or a Night Owl?



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